When Julia Mack Fahrig began her studies at Missouri Southern in 1981, it was as a non-traditional student with three children … the youngest just three weeks old.

She received a financial boost when she learned she was a recipient of the Edna C. Drummond Science Scholarship. The scholarship helped her along her path to her bachelor’s of science in biology, which in turn helped open doors down the road.

“I never expected to get a scholarship as a non-traditional student,” Fahrig says. “It really helped me financially because I didn’t have to borrow all that money.”

She says she’s never forgotten what it mean to her to receive the scholarship as a Missouri Southern student, and recently made the decision to create her own endowed scholarship.

The Julia Mack Fahrig ‘Second Chance’ Scholarship will benefit a non-traditional female student from the Four State Area who is studying biology. The recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

“When I received my scholarship, I had to maintain a certain grade point average,” says Fahrig. “It gave me a goal other than to simply graduate.”

“Whoever gets this scholarship will be walking their own path. They’re not in school for fun and games, but because they really need to be and need a second chance. Earning a scholarship may put them on steadier ground for whatever reason and could certainly lighten the load.”

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