The Engineering Technology Department will offer its first study abroad trip May 20-29.

During the “Made in Germany” trip, students will learn about German engineering and cultural, historical and technological aspects of manufacturing. They’ll visit Munich, Stuttgart, Rüdesheim, Heidelberg, Emden and Hamburg.

“We’re going to visit three of the biggest manufacturers,” said Claudia Wilson, assistant professor of industrial engineering technology. “We’ll visit Mercedes-Benz, Vokswagen and the Shipyard Meyer Werft, where they actually make the really big cruise ships.”

Wilson said students on the trip will learn how cultural, social and space requirements are shaping engineering solutions in Germany.

“What I mean by that is their cars are smaller, but engines are more powerful,” she said. “Why is that? Why does no one have a pickup over there? We’ll see how their manufacturing principles are applied on a large scale.”