Educators at Missouri Southern are leading the way when it comes to preparing future generations of respiratory therapists.

More than 100 respiratory therapy training programs across the nation are now using textbooks written by members of the of the Missouri Southern/Franklin Tech Consortium for Respiratory Care Education.

“Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Simulation” and the book’s instructor’s manual was published in 2017. Another book, “Respiratory Simulation,” came out in 2015.  Both texts, published by Health Educator Publications Inc., have received glowing reviews from training programs in a wide variety of settings.

The authors of the book are Sherry Whiteman, instructor, program Director Glenda Pippin, Director of Clinical Education Janice Dunaway, Simulation Center Coordinator Caleb Lewis and the off-campus editor Scot Jones.

The texts include guidelines that enable instructors to run simulations. Scenarios are created that closely reflect those typically seen in hospitals or other clinical settings. In some cases, the book suggests students play the roles of patients, family members and others.

“We knew if we needed this type of book, other educators needed it too,” Whiteman said.

Missouri Southern’s respiratory care program is designed to prepare students to be employed in hospital, clinic, laboratory and alternate-care settings. In 2017, students had a 96 percent pass rate on certification exams, as well as a 96 percent job placement rate.

The program is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2018 semester.