A record number of students from the Social Work Department have been placed in internships for the fall semester.

A total of 36 students are working at locations in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas, says Tara Garrity, a master instructor of social work. While some are engaged in traditional roles of social workers – meeting and providing assistance to clients – others are performing a variety of duties with other organizations.

“We have quite a few students working with non-profit agencies, such as Webb City CARES, which is an extension of the Webb City school district; or Fostering Hope, which assists kids in foster care,” says Garrity. “Another student is working with younger students at schools in Pea Ridge, Ark.

“It’s a really diverse group of field agencies this year. We teach our students a lot of skills and knowledge in the classroom, but the classroom is a completely different environment than the real world. This is a capstone event for these students to apply their knowledge in a real social work setting before they graduate and look for full-time employment.”