As the Spring 2016 semester began, students who ordinarily would have had classes on the third floor of Reynolds Hall found a new home in the Reynolds Annex building, located on the southwest side of campus.

The annex will serve as a transitional space during the Reynolds renovation project.

Last year, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced funding that will allow for the renovation of the second oldest building on campus, which houses the biology, environmental health, physical science and mathematics programs. House Bill 19 will provide $5.2 million for the project, while House Bill 17 contains an additional $1.5 million, which will be matched by private contributions from alumni and other sources.

“Right now, the third floor of Reynolds is empty,” said Rob Yust, vice president for business affairs. “The contractor will be in there over the course of the spring semester to do light demo work. After the spring semester and prior to the start of summer classes, they’ll be doing heavy demo.

“Hopefully by this time next year, we’ll be able to utilize the third floor and then empty the first floor for the same sort of process.”

While that work continues, students and faculty are being housed in the new annex. The 15 mobile units that make up the building were delivered to campus after being purchased from the State Emergency Management Agency, said Bob Harrington, director of the Physical Plant at Missouri Southern. They had previously been used by Joplin High School following the May 22, 2011, tornado.

The annex was completed over Christmas break with the delivery of cabinets, tables, lab equipment and supplies for Reynolds Hall.

Yust said Missouri Southern is already looking beyond the renovations in Reynolds Hall when it comes to uses for the annex.

“Once work in Reynolds is complete and everybody is out of the annex into their permanent home, it can be used for other purposes,” he said. “We’ll always need transition areas for classes and to make room for further expansion.”

Reynolds Annex