When Nixon Hall was opened in January as the new home for the Mathematics Department, it had a ripple effect that has led to a number of improvements to Reynolds Hall.

“Right after classes ended in May, we started 11 renovation projects,” says Dr. Crystal Lemmons, chair of the Biology Department. “We began shifting rooms to make use of the space we gained and make the space we already had more usable for what we need.”

Those projects included the creation of an expanded biotechnology research area; a more spacious computer lab; an expansion to the snake lab; and relocation of the herbarium, which now offers more room for the nearly 11,000 plant specimens.

Two of the former math classrooms were combined to create a room that can accommodate up to 60 students.

New lighting and new paint helped to accentuate the newly redesigned areas that are helping to meet the increasing emphasis on student research, says Lemmons.