On Sept. 22-24, a number of Missouri Southern EMT and paramedic students took part in a mass casualty exercise.

Overseen by the Joplin Fire Department, the drill involved a bus rollover on a curve on Dennis Weaver Drive. It helped train and familiarize crews in the START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) method.

Thad Torix, MSSU EMS Instructor, said volunteers from Missouri Southern primarily played the part of victims.

“We want to make sure students graduate with increased affective skills,” Torix said. “That’s the ability of the provider to see things on an emotional level.”

Such drills help students see the role of the provider from the victim’s point of view, he said. They teach students to understand the anxiety and discomfort patients feel while being treated or are asked to wait during the triage process.

Mass Casualty EMS exercise