Students south of Joplin have an opportunity closer to home to complete a degree in Elementary Education.

Located inside the Crowder College McDonald County Instruction Center in Jane, Mo., MSSU’s new facility allows students to complete their degree without having to travel to Joplin.

Lorinda Hackett, interim chair of the Teacher Education Department, said students are taking hybrid classes. They go to class two days a week in Jane, take online classes and take part in an internship in local schools.

“We have provided the students with Chrome books,” Hackett said. “This is a pilot program for that but if it works, we will continue it.”

Because they live in the Lion Pride Tuition territory, those students also qualify for in-state tuition.

For more information about the Jane program, contact Matt Beaver ( at 417-659-4318 or Carissa Gober ( at 417-625-9676.