Dr. Dominic Buccieri, an assistant professor of international business, was invited to attend the Academy of International Business’ 2019 conference, held June 24-27 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I submitted a paper to the conference last fall and it was accepted to be presented,” he said.

Buccieri’s paper was titled “The Effects of Entrepreneurial Cognition on Positioning and Performance of International New Ventures.”

“I researched the internationalization of small firms,” he said. “I find it to be an interesting topic because firms that are smaller tend to have less people, less human resources, less financial capital and less financial backing. I wanted to look at their entrepreneurial characteristics to help them overcome some of those challenges and compete with larger firms.”

The conference was held at the Copenhagen Business School, one of the leading universities in the field of international business.

“There were top scholars from a lot of big-name universities,” said Buccieri. “It was an opportunity to not only present my research but also talk about other current, relevant topics and emerging topics in the world of business. It gives you insight and perspective from scholars’ who are living and breathing it, and interesting perspectives to incorporate into my own research and teaching.”

“You can bring those concepts back and talk about things in a way that helps students relate to them if they’re working at a small business or thinking about opening a small business. Maybe some of these marketing skills or ways of innovating are not conventional, but they can help expand the footprint of smaller businesses in this area.”