Kathleen Latlip likens her position to being a librarian, of sorts.

The items that come to her must be carefully organized and catalogued before delivery to their next destination. It’s a non-stop process that often means long hours, the results of which are seen by millions of people each week.

Latlip, a ’98 graduate of Missouri Southern’s communications program, serves as an assistant editor for ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now in its 15th season, the medical drama remains one of the network’s highest-rated dramas.

“My role is sort of like being a librarian for the editor,” Latlip says during a recent phone interview on her commute to work from her home in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“I’m responsible for preparing all of their dailies – which is everything that has been shot – and then organizing them. I’m also responsible for all of the sound work that’s done on the show, and getting all of the picture and sound elements to the music and sound departments.”

While attending Missouri Southern, she studied television production.

“I enjoyed working in Missouri Southern’s television studio … being creative and producing things,” she says, citing working with Robin Douglas as a highlight. Douglas, who now serves as testing coordinator for ACTS, formerly taught a TV practicum for KGCS.

Latlip also names assistant professor Ward Bryant and former professor of communication Jay Moorman as helping to shape her direction.

After graduating, her first professional position was serving as a production assistant on an Adidas commercial. She eventually found her way into the film industry, serving as an assistant editor for director Ridley Scott’s productions of “Robin Hood” and “Prometheus,” as well as titles such as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Iron Man 3.”

Following a stint on the CW’s period drama “Reign,” she spent several seasons with the musical series “Nashville” before joining “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“Working in television is so different than film,” Latlip says. “Film can be chaotic, for sure, but there’s so much to do in television – it’s non-stop. I’ve worked past midnight for several weeks in a row. It can be exhausting.

“But if you work with a cool editor, you can sometimes have the opportunity to do some editing.”

As a mother, Latlip says she’s content serving as an assistant editor.

“I chose parenting over pursuing becoming an editor,” she says. “I’m very happy being an assistant editor and it’s something I could continue to do. As my confidence level increases, it’s something I could do but I don’t know how long it will take to get there.”

Looking back at her time studying at Missouri Southern, Latlip says it definitely helped set the stage for her future in the film and television industry.

“I had a lot of fun and did some very creative work, and made a couple of friends that I’ve kept through my life,” she says. “My experience definitely set the foundation for me to come out here and start my career.”