Jhan R. Hurn, ’74, is the President/CEO of Community Support Services in Joplin, Mo.


Kent Eastman, ’75, was recognized by the National Association of Realtors with Realtor Emeritus Status, for holding 40 cumulative years of membership in the association and in recognition of valuable and lasting contribution to the real estate profession in the community.


Glen “Harvey” Derrick, ’77, released a vinyl album, “Dreams on the Line,” on CdBaby.com.


Robert Corn, ’78, was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame on Jan. 31, 2016. Corn coached the Missouri Southern men’s basketball program for 25 seasons, compiling a 413-305 record before retiring in March 2014.




Anita (Rank) Oplotnik, ’88, a four-year letter winner at Missouri Southern, a two-time All-American selection and a two-time first team NAIA All-District selection, was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame as 2015 Filbert Five Honoree.

Greg Arend, ’82, partner for Deloitte & Touche, was named a Man of Distinction by the Tulsa Business & Legal News.


Deborah Durham, ’84, is the director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority. She is the 2015 recipient of the Christian Petersen Design Award presented by the Iowa State University College of Design.




Cyndi (Evans) Cogbill, ’90, received the 2015 Fellow/Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Interpretation, Region 6.


Michele Dunker, ’91, is a kindergarten teacher at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin, Mo.


David Israels-Swenson, ’92, is the director of student activities, conferences and events at the University of Minnesota Morris in Morris, Minn.


Robert Lundien, ’96, was one of six in the country chosen to be considered for the National School Counselor of the Year. All six were recognized at the White House in January.


Autumn Dawn Lawrence-Palmer, ’97, was a 2015 finalist for the State of Missouri Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.


David Pyle, ’97, was named Missouri High School Principal of the Year and received his award at the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals’ Spring Conference at Lake of the Ozarks. He is the principal at Carl Junction High School in Carl Junction, Mo.


John Wales, ’97, is a program manager at Turbine Engine Consultants Inc. in Joplin, Mo.


Kelly Avise, ’99, was named a 2016 Golden Key Winner at the Carthage Chamber of Commerce dinner.


Melodee Colbert-Kean, ’99, was named the president of the National League of Cities during the annual Congress of Cities Exposition held in Nashville, Tennessee in November.




Brad Cornelsen, ’00, is the offensive coordinator for Virginia Tech Football Team in Blacksburg, Va.


Derick White, ’06, was cast as the lead character, Ren McCormack, in the stage production of “Footloose.” This production will be staged in Dallas, Texas.


Josiah Roelfsema, ’07, is a math teacher at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin, Mo.


Lesley (Collins) Vanvolkinburg, ’07, is the executive director of the Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium of Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State University’s University Center for Health Sciences.


Derek Lahm, ’08, was selected by the Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals as the 2015 New Principal of the Year. The award is presented annually to a principal who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in their school, their region and at the state level. The winner will have demonstrated their enthusiasm by support from students, parents, teachers and peers.


Clayton Carnahan, ’09, is the track and field, cross country and scholar bowl coach at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin, Mo.




Kimberly (Shank) Reed, ’10, competed in the Olympic Marathon trials held in Los Angeles in February.


Vera Joseph, ’13, teaches French at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School in Joplin, Mo.


Cassie Hutchison, ‘11, is working for the NASCAR Foundation in Daytona, Fla.





Samuel Hydar,’13, and Ashley Trotnic,’12, welcomed son, Jasper Michael, on Dec. 21, 2015.


Keifer,’96, and Shawna Thompson welcomed their first son, Rigney Cooper on January 24, 2016.


Mariun Price, ’11, and Hannah Edwards welcomed baby Tyran Dallas, on February 24, 2016.





Joplin Junior College


William F. Hoffman
Oct. 26, 2015


Phillip Bellairs

Oct. 29, 2015


Roger Hankins

Nov. 25, 2015


Jeanne Fanning

Nov. 26, 2015


Jeanette L. Gardner Foster Keckley, ’40

Jan. 1, 2016



Missouri Southern


Brian D. Hunter
Oct. 13, 2015
James M. Snow
Oct. 19, 2015
Jerry E. Campbell, ’71
Oct. 21, 2015
Ellen S. Gamble
Nov. 1, 2015


Kathryn Koger
Accounting professor
Nov. 8, 2015


Jack Beck
Nov. 10, 2015
Neil R. Smith, Sr.
Nov. 13, 2015
Diana J. Winder
Nov. 14, 2015
Robert T. Ogle, ’91
Nov. 21, 2015
John Braeckel
Nov. 24, 2015
Donald L. Crites, ’91
Dec. 2, 2015
Elizabeth (Betty) A. Rosiere, ’70
Dec. 12, 2015
Susan K. Caldwell, ’87
Dec. 16, 2015
Rita Galbraith, ’94
Dec. 21, 2015
Dr. William Stevens
School of Business, 1988-2011
Dec. 24, 2015


Mary Lou Dove
Librarian, 1969-98
Jan. 6, 2016


David L. Rice, ’13
Jan. 9, 2016
Paul Kern, ’75
Jan. 10, 2016
Steven P. Riley, ’79
Jan. 12, 2016
Jo Ann Niccum Johnson
Jan. 16, 2016
Thomas L. Broadaway
Jan. 21, 2016
Clarence “Dwayne” Jeffries, ’74
Jan. 28, 2016
Susan L. (Hull) Beeler, ’80
Jan. 28, 2016
Shiloh Sonis, ’14
Feb. 4, 2016
Craig D. Abernathy, ’88
Feb. 9, 2016
Aaron J. Eidem, ’10
Feb. 18, 2016



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