‘I’m MOSO Proud’

A conversation with Brandon Williams

The Baltimore Ravens’ full-team training camp is well underway, and Brandon Williams sounds tired but confident reached by phone after practice.

“It’s going wonderful,” said Williams of the team’s effort on the field as they prepared for the start of the 2015 season. “The defensive line is looking good, and I’m doing good.”

Williams, who played for the Lions at Missouri Southern and was drafted by the Ravens in 2013, posted career highs in 2014 as a defensive tackle. Going into the start of this season, he took a few minutes to reflect his time at the university , why he thinks it’s important to stay connected and gaining viral fame for some slick dance moves.

Do you feel like your time at Missouri Southern prepared you for the NFL?

“It did, definitely. We went through advertising together, and I feel like I took a bit from each coach that I had. During my senior year, Coach (Jay) Thomas got me prepared the most. He helped with my hand and foot work, making sure position-wise I was set up. Coach (Daryl) Daye kept me up to speed about what to expect from the NFL. It was an amazing boost my senior year to prepare for it.”

How important is it to stay connected to your alma mater?

“It means a lot. Through the great times, the trials and tribulations, Missouri Southern molded me into the man I am today. I’m Joplin strong and MOSO proud.

I appreciate the Joplin community as a whole for being there, supporting me and supporting the team. I want to give back. Later in my career when I get settled a bit more in the NFL, I’d like to maybe have a camp day for kids in the Joplin community to have fun, play and give them a positive message.”

What do you miss most about your time at Missouri Southern?

“I miss the guys, the team, the brotherhood, my friends and joking around. Football is work now. We had more fun after the game, just hanging out. I keep in touch with them, but I miss seeing them every day.”

It looks like you’re still having fun. Videos of some of your locker room dance moves are making rounds on Instagram. Is this going to become a regular thing?

“It was a spur of the moment thing. The last one I posted (doing “The Carlton”) was something from two years ago. I didn’t think they’d catch on that way. Who knows, maybe one day I might be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”