Taylor Moon, an assistant professor of graphic design at Missouri Southern, was recently featured as a speaker during the 2019 Caribbean Developers Conference in the Dominican Republic.

“I heard about next year’s themed semester focusing on the Caribbean, and was interested in opportunities for scholarly research on how they deal with art and graphic design,” Moon says.

“I was researching conferences and found this one and saw they had an application for speakers. I submitted a proposal for a session on how 3D graphics, tactile arts and 2D vectors could be combined. I was selected for that talk.” The annual conference, held Oct. 4-5 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, features software and entrepreneurs from around the world presenting on timely topics in the fields of IT and business. The lineup for this year’s event featured speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Megsoft, Amazon and other companies and organizations.

“Oftentimes, people in my role are taught to package designs that are then handed off to web developers,” says Moon. “It was exciting to engage with these web developers to see what happens after that handoff and how software is formed… I was a little star-struck seeing some of the influencers of technology.”

Moon, who joined Missouri Southern for the Fall 2019 semester, teaches digital design. A graduate of the University of California-Santa Barbara, she earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oxford.