My fellow Lions and friends of Missouri Southern,

In business, the term “inflection point” refers to a time of significant change … a turning point.

It’s a term that fits this point in time for Missouri Southern State University. As we continue to build upon the solid base the university has established over the last 78 years, we have hit an inflection point.

The evidence is all around us. Take a walk through the new North End Zone Facility and you’ll see what a game changer it is for our student-athletes. The Quads (as our new residence hall complex is known) has become a true home to more than 200 of our students. And the upcoming renovation project in Reynolds Hall
will provide our students and faculty with a modern learning environment in line with the needs of the 21st century.

The changes on our campus are not just of a cosmetic nature. We’ve added master’s programs in accounting and teacher education, and new bachelor’s programs in social work and geography. We have a new, balanced approach to teaching, learning, research and scholarship, and we’re striving to make deeper connections to the local and regional community.

The higher aspirations we have for Missouri Southern include a partnership with the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences as they prepare to open a medical school in Joplin in 2017. We are also exploring funding for a potential dental school on campus through the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

There’s an exciting future ahead, and it’s one that we enthusiastically embrace. We hope you’ll join us.

With warmest regards,
Dr. Alan Marble, ‘79
Missouri Southern State University