Carrington Harrison co-hosts top-rated sports talk show in Kansas City


For Carrington Harrison, the appeal of radio is in its freedom and creativity.

“I like the free-flowing nature of radio,” he says. “I start – ed listening to sports talk as a kid. I liked the back and forth with the callers, and that you had a longer time frame to explain the point you were trying to make.”

Harrison, who attended Missouri Southern from 2006 to 2010 and completed his communication degree ear – lier this year, gained experience working for Zimmer Radio and operating the boards for broadcasts of university games.

Today, Harrison works for 610 Sports Radio as co-host of “The Drive” – the most popular sports talk show in Kansas City. He and Danny Parkins have spent the past four years crafting a show that is a combination of sports, current events and their own lives – a format that continued to build in popularity.

“We try to deliver the biggest things happening in Kansas City sports and sports in general,” he says. “The show was already trending in the right direction, but the Royals being good was a turning point. We did a good job of cornering that market before a lot of people realized how big the team was going to be, and tailored our program to satisfy that hole in the market.

“But we also try to show our personalities and appeal to people with who we are, while adjusting on the fly to what’s big.”

While proud of The Drive’s success, Harrison believes that giving back is an important obligation that comes along with it. “Our goal is to do more charity work,” he says. “The Kansas City Chiefs drafted a player who was on probation for domestic violence. We set up a GoFundMe account and raised $16,000 in a week. One-hundred percent of the money went to the Rose Brooks Center (a local domestic violence shelter).

“It’s the responsibility of anybody with this kind of plat – form to give back to the community.”